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Trial of the Old Ones V1

 Trial of the Old Ones V1 by Minecraft Maps

Chapter 1: Rise of the Champion

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Review:You wake up in the middle of nowhere surrounded by sand. There are many pyramids around you, each holding a different secret. Your objective is to find your way back to IceVille. However, creatures calling themselves the Old Ones, have put many challenges in your way. The desert holds many secrets, one of which is a place called the underworld. Will you find your way back to IceVille and how long will you survive?

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Chapter 2: Into the Shadow of Destruction

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Review:IceVille is burning, the Underworld is collapsing. You make your way to the surface and find out thing have changed since the last time you were there. It has been a year since the Old Ones abducted you from IceVille and put your trough series of challenges. Creature called the Shadow is crawling trough the desert, always one step ahead of you. He is the one the Old Ones were preparing you to face. But are you prepared or is it too late?

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Chapter 3: The Heart of Darkness
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Review:It’s all in your hands now. The Shadow has taken over the city of Rel and it’s only a step away from getting the Heart of Tes. He knows you are coming for him and will do everything in his power to stop you. The Old Ones have put their trust in you. If you fail doom awaits us all.

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1.Play on normal or hard
2.YES, you are allowed to brake and place blocks.
3.Post screenshots of your progress (F2 to ScreenCap)
4.Remember to bookmark this thread if you like the map
5.Spread the word... the old ones must not be forgotten
6.DONT CHEAT...the old ones are allways wathing you! :)

How to install:
Download the zip file, drag it to desktop, right click the file, and click Extract Here.( If you want to put it into multiplayer and single player on the same PC, copy and paste it rather than dragging it, as I say below)

1. Go to start on the bottom left corner2. type in %appdata% on your search bar3. click on roaming4. click on .minecraft or minecraft5. open saves6. Click and drag the zip file that is saved onto your desktop into this file7. IMPORTANT! rename the folder World1, World2, World3, World4, or World5. It comes as default as World3, but if you already have a World3 in there, click and drag the file your replacing outside of the saves folder, onto your desktop or save it on a flash drive, so not to loose that save.
8. Launch Minecraft Survival Singleplayer
9. now click on the world you replaced. It should be replaced with that file.
If you ever want to get your old world back, remove the Survival Island save and replace it with your old save, wherever you placed that. (It's the file I told you to save onto a Flash drive or on desktop)

1.Open up your file with all of the multiplayer information (bannedips, bannedplayers, etc.)
2. Click and drag the unzipped file into this section.
3. Click and drag "world" onto your desktop or save it to a Flash Drive, if you don't want to loose your current multiplayer World. (Or anywhere outside of your Multiplayer folder.)
4. open up "" or "server", depending on your computer.
5. Change level-name= to World3, instead of the default world.
6. go to file, then save.
7. now go into your server from anywhere, and it should be there.


1. In the top right of your screen, on the far right of the taskbar, there's a magnifying glass. Click it.
2. Search "Library".
3. Click on Library.
4. Click Application Support.
5. Click Minecraft.
6. click saves.
7. Click and drag the World3 file in this folder onto your desktop (If World3 is there)
8. Click and drag the other unzipped World3 folder on your desktop into the "saves" folder.
9. Now whenever you launch World 3 on Minecraft Survival, it should launch the Survival Island map.

(If you ever want to get your old World 3 save back, rename the Survival Island World3 World1, World2, World4, or World5. The file will replace the corresponding World by the name, or just remove it from the saves folder, by clicking and dragging it onto your desktop or any other folder. Then place your original World3 file back into the "saves" folder. 

Why is the map only few megabytes?
Im using Draghi`s custom flat maps. They are really small and there is a bug that makes the map size reduce when you build on them. The maps themselves are huge.

Can I skip chapters? Can I play chapter 3 or 2 without playing the first one?
Yes you can. In chapter 3 there is a text file that recaps the story. And there is not much of a story in the first one. 

I can’t seem to find some of the objectives. Did I miss anything?
You can destroy blocks on this map and you should use that as you advantage. There are many hidden stuff and the only way to reach them is to use your trusty pickaxe. 

Is there going to be more Trial of the Old Ones maps?
I can’t confirm anything yet. It all depends on how popular the maps get and if the people want more. Even if I decide to make more it won’t happen soon. I’m working on two new maps right now. One of them plays very similar to TotOO.  Though am still going to update those.

Do I have to finish all the objectives before I move to the mine one?
You can only do the main objective without even doing any of the other ones. Even if you try to do the secondary ones first you probably will finish the main by the time you are done.

Do I need any mods or texture pack to play this map?
Nope. The map can be played perfectly with default version of minecraft. Though if you want to improve your experience I recommend mods like “Mo Creatures” and “More Creeps and Weirdoes”. You can use any medieval or Egypt themed packs.

...Have fun

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